Classical Guitar Cornwall.

Selina’s Guitar studio here in Penryn, Cornwall is accepting guitar students for in person lessons and online via Zoom. If you are looking to start learning the guitar or to advance your abilities and repertoire please call and talk about the possibilities.

Online guitar lessons allow you to join us from any part of the country or even any part of the World, send an email and we can talk about your needs.

SGO – “Stafford Guitar Online” is our online meeting place where for £10 per month membership you have the opportunity to attend classes looking at improving technique, researching new pieces, performance issues as well as a monthly meeting enjoying playing and listening to others perform their latest pieces.

New dates and topics posted to SGO’s calendar, click the link below to find out more.

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Christmas is quickly approaching and SGO members are readying their chosen Christmas Carols to play at our December online get together on the 18th. What plans have you made to help make your festivities both enjoyable and musical.

Re-invigorate your excitement of playing the guitar by looking forward to joining us in 2023 on one of our weekend guitar courses at Billesley Manor.

Visit our Guitar Course page for details of 2023 Billesley Manor guitar courses.
Guitar Course Dates for 2023

Selina in Cornwall

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    Spring and Autumn 2023 two exciting dates to look forward to where you can immerse yourself into a weekend full of Classical Guitar. Our guitar courses, held at Billesley Manor, deliver high levels of instruction in relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable surroundings.

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    Adrian and I are passionate about teaching the Classical Guitar, about passing on all the things that we have learnt over the years.

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Emotional Playing

Talking with one of my younger students, and just for a bit of fun, I mentioned that this is the year when he learns to play emotionally, to which he replied what do you mean, play emotionally.