Stafford Guitar Online

As a member of SGO you will have online access to all areas including –

Guitar Club Monthly Meetings – Meet other SGO members, play through a piece you are currently working on, discuss future events, ask questions. This is your club.

Master Classes – Twice Yearly Meetings – Two members at each meeting have the opportunity to play in a performance situation and to gain feedback.

Technique Classes – Bi-Monthly – Having trouble with technique? Here we discuss ways to improve.

How Too Classes Bi-Monthly – Looking at specific pieces and how best to practice.

Price of Membership – £10.00 per month.


  • Guitar Club

    Held on a Sunday towards the end of the month (see diary dates). This is your opportunity to play through a piece you are learning or have polished ready for the meeting. Talk with and hear other members play, a great opportunity to here and enjoy pieces not previously heard which you may then decide to take up learning.

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  • Master Class

    Held quarterly (see diary dates) for all members to enjoy. Each quarter two members, selected from their previously submitted entries, will be selected to perform their chosen piece in a Master Class style situation. This is a great way for all concerned to take notes on how to improve their performance playing.

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  • Technique Class

    Held Bi monthly (see diary dates) covers areas of technique, relating to our instrument and its music, this is also a date where you can request help with specific classical guitar technique for all members to enjoy.

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  • How Too

    Held Bi monthly (see diary dates) here we look at a piece with fresh eyes and cover all aspects musical and technical relating to what the music expects and how we can deliver this. The chosen piece will be sent out earlier in the month for you to look over.

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  • FAQ

    You can learn a lot from questions submitted by others.

    Here you can read questions relating to SGO such as how to join as well as questions members have asked during and after meetings and events.

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