Savarez Alliance 540R

Savarez Alliance 540R

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Alliance Standard Trebles
Classic Standard Basses



Alliance Classic 540 - R - J - ARJ
New Cristal trebles.
HT Classic basses.

Alliance Trebles.
Alliance fluoro carbon thinner strings.
Clear singing note especially in higher positions.
Clear transition between B-2 & D-4 strings

HT Classic Basses.

Wound on nylon.
Stiffer, brighter powerful sound.
Big projection.
Offers consistent resistance under the fingers for fast response and ease of control.


  • E-1 = 7.86kg
  • B-2 = 5.45kg
  • G-3 = 5.09kg
  • D-4 = 7.68kg
  • A-5 = 7.16kg
  • E-6 = 6.51kg