Savarez Cantiga 510CJ

Savarez Cantiga 510CJ

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Cristal High tension Trebles
Cantiga High tension Basses



New Cristal Nylon Cantiga 510 - CR - CJ - CRJ
Cristal nylon trebles
Cantiga basses.

No more a mystery, a dream comes true : Cantiga is born !

Cristal Trebles are produced from a new improved nylon : the amount of crystallinity of the string is optimized and there is a perfect link between the molecules.

Thanks to high-tech methods, we can produce a top quality clear nylon string, as transparent as crystal whose intonation is perfectly true.

This nylon is not rectified by mechanical way in order to keep a smooth surface on it.

A surface treatment and a control driven by a computer using laser beam and photoelectric cells permit a real precision and regularity of the gauge.

This new nylon is a great success and a real improvement in clarity of sound.

For these reasons we now use it for all the Savarez sets which contain nylon trebles.

Cantiga Basses - a significantly different string.
A new core made from a very different multifilament raw material which makes Cantiga bass strings an actual innovation.
Outstanding specific characteristics making for easy comfortable playing.


  • E-1 = 7.80kg
  • B-2 = 5.80kg
  • G-3 = 5.70kg
  • D-4 = 7.60kg
  • A-5 = 7.10kg
  • E-6 = 7.00kg