Hannabach Goldin 725 MHT

Hannabach Goldin 725 MHT

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Medium High Tension



Goldin 725 MHT
Super Carbon trebles
Long Live Silver basses.


These 725 Goldin Hannabach Classical Guitar Strings feature Hannabach's Super Carbon Trebles and Gold Plated Basses, resulting in powerful and rich tones.

Goldin-treble strings are made of golden yellow SUPER CARBON, sounding softer and warmer than conventional carbon strings.


The basses are characterised by a novel, high-density and highly resistant soul.

Winding wires are made of "GOLDIN", a newly developed golden yellow metal alloy (100% nickel and cadmium-free).

The gold plated basses give a slightly darker tone and the new super carbon trebles are bright and strong with great projection and clarity


  • E-1 = 7.64kg
  • B-2 = 6.62kg
  • G-3 = 6.93kg
  • D-4 = 7.64kg
  • A-5 = 7.54kg
  • E-6 = 7.54kg