Hannabach Silver 200 900 MHT

Hannabach Silver 200 900 MHT

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Medium High Tension



Silver 200 Series 900 MHT
Nylon trebles
Extra Silver basses.


These Silver 200 Set 900 Hannabach Classical Guitar Strings are premium sets that have a unique silver clad bass winding wire which contains more silver than the typical plated winding wire.

There is a unique softening wrap at the end of the strings to attach to the tie block, which helps to prevent wear and premature breaking.


  • E-1 = 7.64kg
  • B-2 = 6.62kg
  • G-3 = 6.93kg
  • D-4 = 7.64kg
  • A-5 = 7.54kg
  • E-6 = 7.54kg