Spanish Guitars

Spanish Guitars

Spain has many guitar makers producing some of the best Classical guitars.

Our travels around Spain, visiting luthiers, allowed Selina and I to experience the varied ideas makers have towards this wonderful instrument.

As musicians we have our own preferences for how a guitar should sing and perform just as each Spanish luthier has a preference towards a style of guitar construction.

In selecting the Spanish guitar makers for Stafford Guitar we looked for a family tradition and a history for success in the world of music, for innovation in design and most importantly a love for the instrument.

The Classical guitar is also known as the Spanish guitar and this is due in part to the many years of dedication this country's luthier's have given to the guitar.

Alhambra started as a small workshop making student guitars and now has a range of classical and flamenco guitars to suit every need.

Madrid maker Bernabe is a 2nd generation luthier from a family who became World famous for designing wonderfully expressive and innovative concert guitars.

Carrillo with a history of guitar making dating back to the 19th century and an eye for that which is beautiful in the guitar.

Sanchez whose innovation in design has produced a style of guitar with a unique sound.


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Spanish Guitars


Sanchez Model 1030 Spruce

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Sanchez Model 2600 Spruce

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