Antonio Sanchez

A guitar by Antonio Sanchez is conceived from the beginning to give maximum satisfaction to the musician, professional or amateur, from the selection of the best woods to achievement in greatest detail delivering only quality instrument.

It is part of the Sanchez philosophy to take care of the environment and to transform a part of nature into Art and Culture.

In 1984 after many years of study Spanish Luthier Antonio Sánchez opened his own workshop in Valencia, Spain.

Since the opening of his workshop Antonio has dedicated his life to the study and improvement of the musical qualities of his instruments.

Years of study and the subsequent investigation with different materials and bracing designs have led to the well-known and admired Antonio Sánchez’s guitars and a well deserved worldwide reputation for quality.

Continuous improvement and development of the guitar is the main focus with Antonio selecting the best quality woods and subjecting his chosen woods to a natural drying process which can last more than one year.

The workshop, situated in Paterna city, has a staff of twenty dedicated craftsmen who maintain the most pure craftsmanship tradition whilst joining this with and obtaining the benefit from modern technology and innovation to construct guitars of excellent technical prowess, aesthetic and sonorous characteristics.



Sanchez Model 1015 Cedar

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Sanchez Model 1025 Cedar

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