Tim Illidge. England. Michael Gee - Cedar.

Dear Adrian,

Thank you so much for your time, advise and wisdom yesterday. I greatly enjoyed the time I spent with you. Many of the days we live are difficult to remember one from the other, yesterday was different and is what I call a red letter day.

I have to be honest and say that I thought your web description of your Michael Gee guitar being the best guitar you had ever played was exaggerated and was there to sell it. Having played and heard the guitar played by Selina; you are right and I agree with you. I have never heard such clarity and projection in a classical guitar, coupled with the ease of playing I associate with top end acoustic guitars. If I had known instruments like this existed I would never have strayed from the classical guitar to acoustic guitars. The Gee is truly an exceptional instrument, the musicality is unsurpassed in anything I have ever heard in a classical guitar. I have to say I found playing it completely disorientating initially and it took me a few minutes on my own to find my feet and to start to enjoy it without the fret markers. It was like driving somebody else's car, it felt and sounded so foreign. You were right when you described it as being so different to the Ramirez. When I got home I played the castles in Spain by Torroba, I still think I will play that sort of repertoire of the Ramirez, the tones and warmth are very Spanish; but for anything else the Gee is what I have been looking for years in a classical guitar and the ease of playing only thus far found in acoustic guitars. I don't know whether you know as much about acoustic guitar makers, but I now realise a number of these makers led by Bob Taylor have been ahead in design and it appears the English luthiers are doing the same with the classical guitar.

Thank you so much for all you help. This week I will start the selling and get the funds to complete the purchase of the Michael Gee guitar swiftly. I am so grateful to not only have found this guitar but to have made 2 new friends, I am looking forward to getting to know you both better over the years.

Best wishes Tim