Stephan Bulmer. Australia.

Dear Adrian,

As I promised, here is a little report on the Michael Gee guitar that you supplied for me 2 years ago.
If you remember me I was the fussy left handed customer from Darwin in Australia.
Let me firstly say that Michael got everything right with my specifications both technically and esthetically and I am extremely happy with the instrument.

Having played a Ramirez guitar for the previous twenty years it took a while to adjust and make the most of the new instrument; the biggest change in my playing was learning to ease off on the bass strings and develop a more controlled free stroke on them. I also began interpreting music differently to make full use of the range of colour on Michael's guitar. The volume is more than adequate for the theatre at the university where I perform most; I have heard many instruments and concerts here by some of the worlds best players during the Festivals and it ( the guitar) ranks with the best of them of the traditional type. During the 2005 festival many performers were using the carbon fibre constructed instruments and the volume was impressive but the quality of tone not so much; there was one notable exception and that was played on by Ken Murray it was a truly very effective and beautiful sound in the hall ( guitar by Simon Marty) so naturally I went back stage and introduced myself as a budding luthier and he graciously let me play on it for a while; well shock horror it was really unpleasant, full of overtones and to me uncontrollable. I mention this because I have long suspected that a guitar has a lap sound and a hall sound and Michael produces an instrument which excels in both domains. Please pass on my regards to Michael and the comments and I hope one day to be on your side of the world again and maybe we can renew our association.

All the best
Stephan Bulmer,
music lecturer Charles Darwin University