Rosanna Price. UK. Cashimira 140.

Hi Sandra/Adrian,

It's been a few weeks now since we had delivery of the Cashimira 140 Left handed. I've had it on my 'to do' list to give you some positive feedback. Feel free to make use of any of it in your publicity if you want to.

We had been having a really frustrating time, searching for a good quality left-handed classical guitar for our son - he was doing Grade 3 and was also playing in a County guitar group, but was still playing a £40 guitar which we had strung upside-down.
We'd had several frustrating visits to guitar shops in Birmingham, Northampton and elsewhere - generally to be met with blank looks and confusion, as if being left-handed was a 1 in a million aberration (rather than apparently between 13% and 30% of the population). We'd also had an inexplicably unpleasant phone conversation with an apparently top-quality classical guitar supplier, which had completely put us off.

So I did an internet search and found the Stafford Guitar website, and a quick phonecall to Sandra convinced me that you were people I wanted to do business with. Nothing was a problem, communications were excellent and friendly, the drive up to Stafford for my husband and son was well worth the effort, as he was able to try 2 beautiful guitars out and choose the one he preferred. And then there was the pleasure of waiting for his guitar to arrive from Spain - and get delivered to us.

Hearing him play it is a delight - he's really looking after it, and it's great to know he's got a guitar which will last him musically for years now.

Thank you so much for all your help, advice, expertise and patience.