Brice Denize. Macao. Cashimira 140.

Hi Adrian,

My baby arrived this morning safely. You can tell your customers that you have made another delivery without trouble.
And what a delivery ! The guitar went from GB to Louisville USA, then Anchorage ALASKA and finally Hong Kong then Macau. From GB to the other side of the World without a single scratch on the case.

Thanks for your cares.
/Care for your customers/; after surfing hundreds sites you have been _the only one_ answering and giving me confidence. It is not really easy to spend that amount of money just through a website. /Care for your guitars and your knowledge of them./.
I tuned it this evening. Quite difficult as it is new. It will take some time probably and the wood has to get used to our climate with more humidity and hot.

But the sound... Wow !!!! I just can't imagine when this guitar will be a few more month and even years old.
She is beautiful... simply beautiful.
Thanks again for everything.

Sincere and best regards to you and your wife.