Alan Tattersall. England. Lazaro TL20 Left Handed.

Hi Adrian

I purchased a Tomas Lazaro TL20 guitar from you last October, and I've been meaning to e-mail you to let you know how I've been going on with it. However, for one reason or another I've not got around to it until now.
You will remember the twin problems I faced. First of all, I was trying to take up classical guitar again after a break of some years (and I wasn't a very skilfull player the first time round). And, secondly, I'm left-handed.

I had visited your website and was immediately impressed by the ease with which I could navigate around it. I was also particularly pleased by the fact that you have a section purely for left-handed guitars, which is more than can be said for most websites and even for major High Street retail outlets. The Tomas Lazaro was on display and it immediately caught my eye. It was a good-looking guitar (plenty of good close-up pictures on the website), was manufactured from high quality materials, and was in the right price range for my current needs and disposable income.

I e-mailed to make preliminary enquiry, but it was Saturday, and I wasn't really expecting a reply before the following Monday. I was delighted when the response came back within about half-an hour. 'No time like the present', I thought, so we made the necessary arranagements and the family and I were off on the 100-mile or so journey to Stafford later that morning.

The guitar turned out to be exactly as described. Since I hadn't played for years, Selina was good enough to briefly interrupt a lesson to give me a demonstration on a right-handed version of the same model (I hope to be able to play like that, one day). Despite the comparatively low price, the sound quality was excellent (much better than that produced by my now-deceased Ibanez). I would heartily recommend a Tomas Lazaro to anyone starting (or re-starting) to learn how to play a classical guitar.
You also provided what has proved to be very sound advice, even on quite small matters like the purchase of strings and guitar polish. It was evident that your prime motivation was what was best for me, rather than simply maximising profit.

I have played the guitar for at least half-an-hour almost every day since I got it home (about four months now), and it continues to give me a lot of pleasure. If anything, the sound seems to be getting better, too. The bass strings give a good, solid foundation and the higher strings ring out very well. I think the balance is just right. Probably because of the quality of the guitar, my playing has progressed considerably and I hope to improve even further as the months go by.

The only drawback ! I have since read the section on your website in which you talk about more expensive guitars being 'easier to play'. Personally, I find it difficult to imagine a guitar that is much easier to play than the Tomas Lazaro, but I'm willing to take your word for it. So, if my standard of play and my bank balance improve sufficiently, one day I will be back asking to try out some of your more expensive left-handed guitars ! Now that I've had the experience of dealing with you once, I know that I won't do any better anywhere else.

Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website, so that any potential customers can gain some idea of the service they can expect from Stafford Guitars.


Alan Tattersall