Tim Edmondson. England

Dear Adrian,

I just have to let you know that my Kevin Aram guitar is absolutely wonderful! It is way beyond my expectations. This is the most beautiful guitar that I have ever seen, that I have ever held and that I have ever played. It is a masterpiece. The sound is absolutely beautiful. The volume and projection is prodigious. The bass strings are just amazingly powerful, and the beautiful trebles can be played like pistol shots or just as sweetly as I like. The "flying birds" rosette is stunning (it could hold place in any art gallery). And the brazilian rosewood (Cites 0108) is absolutely superb, so finely grained and almost black (it could almost be carbon fibre), - it is fundamental to the astonishing response.

My very utmost thanks to you for directing my search to an Aram guitar, my very utmost thanks to Kevin Aram for making such an incredibly beautiful instrument and to Kevin's wife for the best rosette in the world. (I open the case and let the birds out every day, - and the song is absolutely beautiful)!

My utmost thanks and very best wishes,

Tim Edmondson.