Problem to Solve - Gran Jota by Tarrega

Dear Selina

Have been looking at Tarrega's Gran Jota and the section that I am having problems with is the section about 7:30ish into the piece {bar 196 on if you count from the beginning of the jota and not from the intro section}

I am using vol 3 opere per chitarra (gangi - carfagna) edition and the section in question is at the bottom of page 26 [9 bars of sixteenth notes]

I don't know if this section is actually plucked or whether I have to play the first note and then pull off to sound the following notes or whether the whole of is played by the left hand with the right hand only playing the bass notes would really appreciate your help in this matter



Dear John

A fantastic piece and the edition you are using is very clearly written which is always a bonus.

The way the sixteenth notes are written suggests that you play the first note hammer on the second, pull off the third finally playing the fourth note, this should be executed in a continuous movement.

The co-ordination is quite difficult at speed therefore to achieve a good final result start with slow practice until you can feel the rhythm and the right and left hand partnership of each group of 4 notes.

The last note of each group, the E, is played open, the execution of this note is with the right hand and must co-ordinate with the left arms movement towards the first note of the next beat to ensure smooth rhythmical progression through the musical line.

You may find editions that encourage the playing of the open E using a left hand pull off technique; this is not an option.

Articulating the first and fourth note of each group delivers clarity and rhythm to the musical line where slurring the inner two notes encourages the line to feel smooth.

Good luck!