Thinking of taking up guitar lessons?


Why not? You may be surprised at how much fun and a sense of achievement you would derive from making music. Based in Staffordshire, we offer guitar lessons to pupils spanning a wide range of abilities - get in touch if you'd like to ask us about our lessons. Or, read the information below for more information on choosing the right teacher for you. The hardest decision when starting is the choice of teacher. Yes, I know there are the the practical decisions - such as, "have I chosen the right instrument? (In our case the Classical guitar!). Do I require a music stand? Should I learn to read music? Is it difficult? And which music book do I start with? All of these should be considered but a good teacher can make a monumental difference.


When looking for a guitar teacher there are a few considerations to take into account.

Such as, does the teacher specialise in my instrument? For example - do I want to play a Classical guitar or an Electric or Steel String guitar? All guitars are different and require a different teaching approach. Some teachers advertise that they teach all styles and few, like ourselves, specialise in one style which for us is the Classical, also called Spanish guitar - which in my opinion is the best and preferred style! (Ok I'm biased - I won't apologise for this!).

Next, you should really look at the content or range of teaching offered for example:

Range of skill - does the teach offer beginner to advanced? And by advanced, I mean to a standard that could be used in a university application, or to a standard that will render you capable of becoming a professional player?  You don't have to want to achieve this level, however, the ability of a teacher to deliver advanced lessons, if required, will go a long way towards helping you choose a great guitar teacher

Variety - ask yourself, having started lessons, will you have the opportunity to play for other people? Yes, I know at the moment this is the farthest from your mind -  and may even terrify you, but having the opportunity is better than not! For example, do the teachers' pupils take part in small friendly concerts such as Christmas time or summer. Are you encouraged to attend music festivals and go to concerts? Does the teacher offer guitar weekend breaks for those who have a desire to experience something different, and then there are the dreaded exams...

Will you be given the opportunity to sit exams should you so wish? Be careful with this one, as your wish is to learn music with a focus on your chosen instrument, not just to enter into an exam factory where you move from grade to grade with no thought to the reality of learning music. And lastly, does the teacher have the musical, technical knowledge and experience to teach YOU? Remember, you are an individual.

Don't forget you can always change teachers, so be selective!

After having considered all the above (and hoping I haven't put you off the idea of learning music), if the Classical guitar is something you would consider learning, or if you are already a player and have a desire to improve, then by all means contact Selina or myself (Adrian) and we will be happy to advise.

Interested in guitar lessons in Stafford? Read about prices and find more information here.