Another fantastic weekend spent in the company of a great gathering of people from various parts of the country (and, in the case of one individual, from outside the UK) all sharing the same zest for classical guitar playing as well as gaining the valuable insight and knowledge that Selina and Adrian bring to the course.
For anyone reading this and who has not made up their mind whether or not to go on the course here is a brief outline of the October 25-27 2019 weekend:

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Hi Adrian and Selina.
Thank you again for another thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
It is so good to be able to spend the weekend immersed in the guitar in such a relaxed, friendly and helpful way. I always get so much out of your teaching and come away fired up with enthusiasm and with lots of ways to try and improve my playing and my enjoyment of the guitar.
Looking forward to April already.
October 2019

Dear Adrian and Selina,
The weekend was a resounding success!  Your warmth, enthusiasm and talents created a supportive and fun learning environment.  Attention to detail apparent as you refined us as musicians, connecting our brains to our fingers,  giving us a feel for playing and teaching us how to learn.
Kind regards
October 2019

Dear Selina and Adrian
Thank you both for your encouragement and support throughout the October 2019 Billesley Manor Classical Guitar Weekend.
Your knowledge, enthusiasm and amazing talent for teaching shone brightly.
Hope to see you again in 2020.
Sue B
October 2019

Thank you for your patience and persistence.
For your encouragement and support.
The examples of professionalism were so many, I felt the need to write them down.
Humour contagious, attention to detail,refined.
You two said things so that I could hear them, and gave attention in a way that denied the possibility to compare my deficiencies to others strengths.
Finger control and counting will be my mantra, and our household will be the better for it.
Looking forward to seeing you again. I've already started counting my pennies.
All the best.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
October 2019

Hallo Adrian and Selina,
Firstly I hope your trip back to Stafford went well. We had a very good run to Nottingham.
I would also like to thank you both again for a wonderful learning experience. It really was enjoyable and as usual the learning comes not only from playing my own piece and your tutorials, but from the insights gained from the other people's pieces.
I reserved a place on the October 2020 course and look forward to meeting you both again next year at Billesley.
Best regards,
October 2019