Right Hand Video No2

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If this is your first visit to our Training Day videos please visit video No1 before proceeding with this training program.
Video No2 demonstrates fingers working in pairs and shows the voice control required to gain control.
There are two main ways of working your fingers in pairs, the movement demonstrated here is the more difficult and time should be spent perfecting before moving to the second way of working in pairs.

Using your voice when carrying out these exercises is a great way of gaining control and also appreciating when something is more difficult than expected for example -

All voice instructions must be rhythmical - If any of the following happens this is you telling yourself that as yet you do not have control -

  • 1. You stop using your voice
  • 2. Your voice becomes a whisper
  • 3. You call out the wrong instruction
  • 4. You call out the instruction after the finger has moved
These Training videos look simple, to carry out the exercises correctly requires attention to detail and it is this attention to detail that will bring great benefit as time passes.
Use the videos as part of your daily practice.
This second video looks at how best to move fingers in pairs, the exercise should be practiced daily and carried using -

  • im
  • ia
  • ie
  • ma
  • me
  • ae
with time you will feel the benefit and will then be able to move on to Video No3.