Gaspar Sanz Anthology of Selected Pieces

Musical Simplicity to gorgeous Complexity - Difficulty B, I, A

Some may think that it is strange that I have chosen this book so early on in my collection, or even at all, but I think that it is a wonderful collection of pieces worthy of its place containing so much variety, musicality and fun for players from grade 2 to 8 – in other words a book that will last for many years.

The relatively simple textures and musical lines really encourage you to get more involved with the music allowing you to concentrate on phrasing and shaping, and giving you time to recognize and highlight the counterpoint between voices. Many of the pieces are short, lively dances with great spirit and drive, for example Rujero, Villanos, Las Hachas and Paradetas.

There are also slower and more contemplative pieces like Pavanas, Folias and Espanoleta, and also more complex pieces such as Passacailles (Por Crucado) and Allemanda; I particularly love the Fuga. And of course there is Canarios, an essential piece for the repertoire and in this original and authentic version a joy to play.

Some of these pieces were famously used by Rodrigo in his Concierto Para un Gentilhombre – an excellent reason in itself to enjoy playing them.

You can have great fun with this music bringing out contrasting emotions and moods, highlighting pulse and rhythm and decorating and improvising if you wish. Little Gems.


B = beginner. Grades 1-3 or roughly 1-3 years playing. I = intermediate. Grades 4-6 or roughly 4-5 years playing. A = advanced. Grade 7 and above, 6 years or more experience.