Mike Speight England. Contreras F2


6 months or so ago I bought a Contreras F2 flamenco guitar from you (I was so excited that I left my house keys with you!) and promised to email you with my opinions. I think that I said that I would email you soon! Well, the delayed response is your fault for selling me such a beautiful guitar, I simply can't put it down.

The Contreras F2 is great. It has all the qualities you could want for Flamenco. It is bright and punchy with a slightly metallic edge if played towards the bridge but still has a sweet tone (which is improving with age) when required. It has excellent clarity and precision, essential for the rhythm player (even a relative novice like me). The action is pretty good as it is (especially with a capo) but I am still having trouble holding back from lowering it slightly until your recommended 18 month waiting period is over.


The only thing that is not so good about the guitar are the tuning heads but you did mention this and I agreed that the money is better spent elsewhere on the guitar as I can get replacement tuning heads when required (can you remind me of the name of that supplier that you recommended to me). Oh, and I forgot to mention that the guitar looks great and even smells good! To anyone else looking to buy a guitar from The Stafford Guitar Centre I can only give you my highest recommendations. I live relatively close to Adrian's studio and was able to pick up my guitar personally so I can't vouch for the delivery of guitars but, if this part of the service is anything like the rest, I'm sure it will be great.

Adrian's knowledge of and enthusiasm for his subject is practically boundless. I had a 2 and a half hour "consultation" after which he apologised for not being able to spend any more time with me! I never once felt that I was being pressured to buy one model of guitar over another or that he was forcing his opinions on me about what each guitar sounded like or which was better. Adrian, as he admits, is not a guitar salesman but a guitar lover who sells guitars.

Happy New Year and thanks.

Mike Speight