Chris Langley. UK. Jesus Bellido

Hi Adrian,

Sorry it's taken so long to give you some feedback on the Jesus Bellido flamenco guitar. I am really pleased with the way the guitar has settled down and is developing. The basses are full, crisp and punchy and can be played hard with little buzzing. I love the depth and power of the bottom E string in particular. The trebles are clear, balanced and incisive, and can produce those melancholic tones so typical of flamenco when needed. The overall sound is consistently powerful and balanced across all strings and registers. I find I can play the guitar hard or soft anywhere on the fret board without losing tone or balance. Playability is excellent - the low action and flat back of the neck really works for me. The whole guitar is well made, intonation is excellent, and it has proved to be very stable - it comes out of the case more or less in tune. It also continues to sound good even when the strings are old and need changing!

The only development I could suggest, at the moment is that, if the bottom golpeador were to extend about another 5-10mm towards the edge of the guitar, it might save a few marks on the table. This is a very minor point though, and might be more to do with my playing technique or lack of it!

An unexpected, but pleasant, surprise was how good some music normally played on other types of guitar sounds - especially classic ragtime finger picking and latin american comping. On the other hand, my expensive and excellent classical guitar now sounds and feels rather slow and muted by comparison!

As you know, I had played lots of different flamenco guitars (Gerundino, Conde Hermanos, Burguet, Anderson, to name but a few) often costing more than twice as much, before hearing the Bellido, and whilst all had good qualities, none offerered the all round attractions of the Bellido. It has the authentic flamenco tone and throaty rasp for which I was looking. It is a joy to play and to listen to. It is exciting and involving. What more could one ask!

Thank you for finding and importing this guitar.

Best wishes,