Chris Johnson. UK. Sanchez 1027

Hi Adrian,

I write to thank you for your kind and excellent service. I bought an Antonio Sanchez 1027 flamenco model in March 2017 from Stafford Guitar. Wonderful instrument, plays great and sounds gorgeous. Light and fast action, just the right amount of sustain and a nice flamenco “growl”. Looks good as well! The experience of buying the guitar from Stafford Guitar was totally unique. I have enjoyed playing guitar for over 40 years and have bought more guitars than my wife wants to remember! There is always a buzz to getting a new guitar. But never have I enjoyed choosing and buying the guitar as much. Sandra looked after me, and treated me like a V.I.P! She had a range of instruments ready for me to try. There was no rush, just helpful advice as I tried them all (several times) and then slowly narrowed my choice. I have continued to be really pleased with my purchase as I’ve tried to develop my playing. Then just over a year after buying the instrument a problem with the bridge. The only thing I can say, is thank you again for you kind and excellent service. The problem was quickly diagnosed, and the instrument repaired by your local luthier. It is now probably better than when it was new, and I might be imagining but I think its sounds a little better too! Thank you again, not just for sorting the repair, but for your time and advice and explaining what had happened and what had been done. I’ve also learned a lot today. Just perfect. If you are reading this considering Stafford Guitar - I cannot recommend Stafford Guitar highly enough, and my next guitar will be from them.
Best regards