Stuart Christie

I have had an interest in classical guitar as a self taught amateur player since my teens.

Early in the 1990s I came across Irving Sloane’s book on guitar making in my local library, and quickly became hooked. I started making my first guitar in 1998. I continued to make guitars since then, initially as an amateur, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I switched careers and became a luthier. Along the way I had help from Peter Barton, Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena, and spent a lot of time learning from many sources about all aspects of making classical guitars.

I find guitar making an immensely enjoyable process and the end product is hugely satisfying. My aim is to produce guitars with a clarity of tone, as well as good sustain and projection. I like the basses to be strong and the trebles rounded, and there to be an overall allure which make the player not want to put the guitar down.

I pay meticulous attention to detail in the setup and finishing of my guitars, trying to produce guitars that are beautiful to look at, easy to play, and with good intonation.

My guitars have traditional fan bracing, not always to the same plan.

I use mostly spruce for the soundboard, and mostly Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. I also have a stock of other timbers including cedar for soundboards, and cypress, cocobolo and maple for bodies. I make the decorative elements, including the rosette, myself, and finish my guitars by French polishing.

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Stuart Christie


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