Roger Williams

I have worked with my hands, at various crafts, for most of my life both as a hobby and for a livelihood. An early fascination with materials, structures and aeroplanes in particular, led me take an engineering apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce eventually becoming a jet-engine designer. My design and craft experience is extensive and extends from audio monitor speaker systems through racing sailing dinghies to guitars; but making music has always been my passion.

I acquired my first guitar at the age of twelve and purchased the materials for my first handmade guitar in 1970 and since then I have restored, repaired and built many hundreds of guitars and string instruments for discerning professional and amateur musicians.

My Classical guitars follow many of the principles established by the early Spanish master Antonio de Torres and are built in the "Granada School" - light in weight and very responsive. I have also been influenced by the Spanish master luthier Antonio Marin Montero and the English maker Kevin Aram who has been particularly helpful to me.

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Roger Williams


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