John Ainsworth

Luthier John Ainsworth has been crafting fine classical, flamenco and baroque guitars for over 25 years, from his workshop in Lancashire. Like other respected luthiers, his initial inspiration came from A. P. Sharpe's book on Spanish guitar construction, followed by McLeod & Welford, and Sloane. The renowned Ivor Mairants was generous with his help and support. In his book about the guitar, Ivor described John Ainsworth as, "An up-and-coming young Luthier". Famous concert artists Julian Bream, John Williams and Alirio Diaz are a few famous names who have commented favourably about Ainsworth guitars.

Using only the finest materials guitars are constructed in accordance with the traditional Spanish methods, using a mould and with the sides fitted into slots in the heel of the neck. The soundboard and strutting is assembled on a solera. Strutting is basically Torres style, with occasional variations. A standard scale length of 65cm is normally used, but instruments can be made with longer or shorter scale lengths, to suit individual requirements. For the guitar's finish, either lacquer or French polish is used. With the exception of the machine heads, the strings and the fretwire, everything is hand-made.

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John Ainsworth


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