Christopher Dean

I became fascinated by the guitar in my teens when I learned to play the instrument. Having been a keen guitarist and model-maker I became intrigued by the mystery of guitar making. That fascination has never left me.

I am passionate about making guitars. The transformation, as if by some form of alchemy, of beautiful but inert wood into a vibrant musical instrument with its own individual characteristics and personality fascinates and delights me. The result that I seek to achieve is a guitar that looks and sounds intuitively right in all its proportions and aspects and will exceed it’s owners expectations.

I love the process of beginning a new instrument. With a ‘picture’ of the sound I want to hear in my mind I select the right wood, tapping and flexing pieces and deciding which soundboard will work well with which back and sides. I work mainly using traditional methods, tools and materials, hand-finishing my guitars by French polishing.


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Christopher Dean


Dean Cedar Guitar

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