Hello Adrian and Selina

Wanted to thank you for the valuable advice you gave my parents when choosing a guitar for my birthday and the fast delivery (two days)!

The Contreras C7 is everything I wanted it to be, it sounds wonderful and Adrian tells me it will sound even better in a years time (I can't even begin to imagine how that would be possible). I wanted a guitar that not only sounded great, but looked great as well and the Contreras certainly does both of these. Adrian was right, the Contreras does have depth in the middle and lower harmonies.

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6 months or so ago I bought a Contreras F2 flamenco guitar from you (I was so excited that I left my house keys with you!) and promised to email you with my opinions. I think that I said that I would email you soon! Well, the delayed response is your fault for selling me such a beautiful guitar, I simply can't put it down. The Contreras F2 is great. It has all the qualities you could want for Flamenco. It is bright and punchy with a slightly metallic edge if played towards the bridge but still has a sweet tone (which is improving with age) when required. It has excellent clarity and precision, essential for the rhythm player (even a relative novice like me). The action is pretty good as it is (especially with a capo) but I am still having trouble holding back from lowering it slightly until your recommended 18 month waiting period is over.

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She has settled down now and the strings have stopped stretching. What an incredible sound! Such tone! Great and very solid bass response, wonderfully clear and sweet trebles. Wonderfully easy to play, even at the standard string height with the standard bridge. Thanks for sending the spare bridge. I don't think I'll need it though. You can really see the attention to detail in the build, although I still feel that the Aram guitar can't be bettered for workmanship. Thanks once again for all your help and advice with this guitar, and also to Selina for her input.

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Dear Adrian:

I had decided to buy a handbuilt classical guitar in September. I live in Denmark, which is apparently far away from any shops that stock top models. It seemed a very great risk to buy a guitar over the Internet without even having seen it. To play safe I first decided to go for the JK90, the top model in the Admira line, since I already was playing one of their student models and knew and liked its playability. Adrian's site seemed a very good place to start inquiries, not too far from Denmark, a very clear and professional site.

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Hello Adrian:

A month has passed since I received the guitar and I'm enjoying playing this unique and wonderful instrument. Now I can mention my impression. I'm amazed with especially two points. One is the sound of low strings. I think this guitar is a little bit smaller than a modern guitar but the low string sounds very loud and clear with long sustain. The other is playability.

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Dear Adrian,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me in Bahrain.

I promised I would let you know how I feel about the Cashimira 4a after I had played it for a while. She has now been with me since 20th November and has settled nicely.

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I went to Adrian's house to pick my cashimira 4a guitar, I played a few guitars and nothing matched the sound of that guitar. We had a great talk about guitars and music but most of all I came home, knowing I had purchased the right guitar from a honest and great guy. The guitar was a bargain cheers Adrian and Selina best wishes for the future.

Phil Herbert.

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