Dear Adrian:

I had decided to buy a handbuilt classical guitar in September. I live in Denmark, which is apparently far away from any shops that stock top models. It seemed a very great risk to buy a guitar over the Internet without even having seen it. To play safe I first decided to go for the JK90, the top model in the Admira line, since I already was playing one of their student models and knew and liked its playability. Adrian's site seemed a very good place to start inquiries, not too far from Denmark, a very clear and professional site.

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Dear Adrian,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me in Bahrain.

I promised I would let you know how I feel about the Cashimira 4a after I had played it for a while. She has now been with me since 20th November and has settled nicely.

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Hello Adrian:

A month has passed since I received the guitar and I'm enjoying playing this unique and wonderful instrument. Now I can mention my impression. I'm amazed with especially two points. One is the sound of low strings. I think this guitar is a little bit smaller than a modern guitar but the low string sounds very loud and clear with long sustain. The other is playability.

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6 months or so ago I bought a Contreras F2 flamenco guitar from you (I was so excited that I left my house keys with you!) and promised to email you with my opinions. I think that I said that I would email you soon! Well, the delayed response is your fault for selling me such a beautiful guitar, I simply can't put it down. The Contreras F2 is great. It has all the qualities you could want for Flamenco. It is bright and punchy with a slightly metallic edge if played towards the bridge but still has a sweet tone (which is improving with age) when required. It has excellent clarity and precision, essential for the rhythm player (even a relative novice like me). The action is pretty good as it is (especially with a capo) but I am still having trouble holding back from lowering it slightly until your recommended 18 month waiting period is over.

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I went to Adrian's house to pick my cashimira 4a guitar, I played a few guitars and nothing matched the sound of that guitar. We had a great talk about guitars and music but most of all I came home, knowing I had purchased the right guitar from a honest and great guy. The guitar was a bargain cheers Adrian and Selina best wishes for the future.

Phil Herbert.

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