Dear Adrian, Selina and Sandra, Thank you all at Stafford Classical Guitar Centre for the care and concern shown in sending me my Contreras C4 Spruce, which I received last week. She was incredibly well packed in a sturdy box entirely suited for such a long and arduous journey. (Admittedly, I had envisaged a guitar-case-shape in half-torn brown wrapping paper!

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This is the second guitar I have purchased from Adrian and Selina at Stafford Guitars; the first was an Alhambra 4P which was a delightful student guitar. As my classical guitar skills have progressed over the last couple of years I felt I needed a guitar that would inspire me to work through the advanced stages of playing (presently working on Grade 7-8 ABRSM). Where Stafford guitars excel is in sourcing very fine guitars for the right needs of individuals.

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You probably don't remember me. My name is Colin, and I purchased a Contreras from you earlier this year. You said at the time to keep in touch and let you know how I was getting on with it. Just to remind you i have to teach myself, so progress is sometimes slow. That said, however, I just thought I'd let you know that your advice was brilliant.

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I have now been the owner of a Kevin Arams concert guitar (called "Starla") for some five months and in this time I have really grown to appreciate the instrument. It has a beautiful tone and is comfortable to hold as well as being simple but attractive to view. My own ability has improved significantly as the purchase of this fine instrument has stimulated an already deep interest. In short, this is probably the best and most enjoyable purchase that I have ever made.

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Hello Sandra, Adrian and Selina, I hope you had a good holiday. Sandra has been helping me a great deal during the summer, as you probably now, and there has been a fine result, as I will communicate below. Having Sandra helping me patiently at the end of the phone when I asked questions about the Michael Gee helped to enable me to buy it without having seen it and with full confidence. Made all the difference between a purchase from a distance and having to wait until Adrian or Selina were back from hols. Well done indeed and thanks again for your help, Sandra. Well, the Michael Gee arrived right on schedule a week, or so ago.

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Hi Adrian, Selina and Sandra,

Well guess what? The Fleeson finally arrived and it was everything and more than I expected - it was just simply fantastic. I felt like a small child again today waiting patiently at the window waiting for the delivery man to arrive at any time and knock on the door hand over the great guitar I had been waiting for.

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Hello Adrian,

I have received my new Cashimira 4a cedar and Hiscox PRO-GCL-L case safely and in pristine condition today. I would like to thank you for the excellent service and for the informative status updates and replies to my emails. The Cashimira 4a is a beautifully made guitar and I look forward to playing her in earnest when the tuning has settled later. Although you are a mail order store the whole experience felt individual and personalized.

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Hi Adrian/Sandra

Thank you very much for your outstanding service regarding the purchase of my Contreras C1. It is a beautiful guitar, easy to play and an excellent sound. It took only four days from shipping to delivery. You did an excellent packing job in an impressive Hiscox case. Thanks also for the newspapers as part of your protection in the box. It updated me on news from England. You impressed me with better than the best service - You have a permanent good customer!


De la Rey Marais


Just to let you know the book arrived today. Fantastic service. We had spent weeks trying to get this book through music shops in NZ. Won't hesitate to use your service again.

Thanks very much


Grant Bridgwater

Dear Adrian and Sandra,

Thank you very much for my guitar. She is absolutely stunning and every thing I wished for in a flamenco guitar. One I had finished admiring the way the guitar looked and had got her in tune the sound was fantastic with strong bright trebles and resonating basses. I know that as the guitar is so new the sound will develop and improve with playing over the coming months and years.

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I like to thank you for sending the guitar. It arrived safely and it is a beautiful guitar. The sound is very good. My son is proud to play on his Alhambra. We get the two strings you send. It was a pleasure to do business with you and that we can trust you. If i must buy another guitar, I order it from you. I keep your website.

Thanks God bless you xx

Hendrik Pollard


Thanks again to every one at Stafford Guitar, my Contreras C5 arrived safely, not surprisingly when you consider how well packed she was. Although I didn't have that long to play her last night, I can say that the Contreras C5 spruce has exceeded my expectations, lovely rosewood back and sides and a clear voice.

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Dear Adrian and Selina

I have a new mistress. It is your fault! You said it would take six months before she opened up. She sings like no one else in only five months. I can not wait and look forward to the maturing process for many more years. It is a very personal relationship that very few have the ability to understand and appreciate.

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Dear Adrian and Selina,

I would like to thank Stafford Classical Guitar for re-uniting me with the guitars of Michael Gee. I first came across Michael as a guitar maker in the early 80's and found his guitars to be extremely musical.

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I phoned Pete Barton in early October and he kindly invited me to see his workshop when his next instrument was well on its way. The understanding of the skill and art that he invests into his work only added to my appreciation. I waited (very impatiently) until the middle of January, with Selina and Adrian keeping me in touch with progress, until I finally got the call that Pete's latest creation was ready. I went down to Stafford, and again if there was any doubt of my affections going elsewhere, one touch of Pete's guitar, and I was mesmerised.

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Dear Adrian,

The F3 is a guitar which really comes to life with aggressive playing, knock out a rumba on it and you would see what I mean! Loud, Beautifully voiced and oh-so-responsive. At this price point I would recommend it to anyone! I would also recommend visiting Adrian and Selina to buy any guitar. I found it the most positive and pleasurable buying experience and I personally would not go anywhere else to buy a guitar!

All the best,

Brain Harvey

Hi Adrian

I was a little nervous buying such an expensive guitar as the Contreras Double Top Premium without having seen, heard or played her. However I put my trust in Adrian’s description of her appearance ,sound and playability. When I received my Contreras I was bowled over by the shear brilliance of the workmanship and artistic and musical flair that must have gone into her making.

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'Kira' arrived on 15/2/2006. Impressive! Perfect to the finest detail with the most beautiful rosewood figure I could have imagined, an incredible lightness and playability as promised. I wish to express sincere thanks to Adrian for all the help provided over the last couple of years. You have always given friendly, enthusiastic and objective support & guidance which raises you above the competition. I shall look forward to future contact.

Thanks again.

Brian Perkins.

As promised a note to let you know how I am getting on with the Cashimira 105.

In one word, great. I love the guitar. As you know I was playing a guitar previously that really wasn't all that suitable for Flamenco, so to move to this instrument has been a revelation. It really does make me happy to be able to make some authentic music (on a good day). I love the tone, nice and crisp, with an impressive growl for chord work. I was looking for a guitar that would provide a traditional sound and it certainly does that, and more. The construction is very nice indeed, the only negative point being the quality of the tuner knobs.

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