Tony Herrmann. England. Bernabe M10 Spruce.

Dear Adrian and Selina, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Bernabe M-10 and to praise your customer service. I really appreciate the time you spent with me when I first turned up to see you.I valued your advice and experience in suggesting the course of action to take given my circumstances. Having returned to pick up my guitar, I was equally well looked after by Sandra. I was initially uncertain about the guitar I had chosen but after spending some time listening to Sandra play, and trying out four different guitars for myself I was convinced I was making the right decision. Now four weeks later I am even more certain of my choice.

I am finding the guitar so comfortable to play and I am delighted with sound. Having looked at the three other guitars in a similar price range, the M10 certainly came out top for me. I have restarted my guitar lessons (with one of Selina's former students) and have to say I am so enjoying playing this instrument and rediscovering the thrill and challenge of learning to play. The most memorable aspect of my purchasing experience has been your service. At no point did I ever feel pressurised or obliged to make a choice I wasn't sure of which seems to be so prevalent in many other retail environments. To say I am grateful to you all is an understatement. My sincere thanks and best wishes,