Roger Dewell. England. Michael Gee - Preowned.

Hello Sandra, Adrian and Selina, I hope you had a good holiday. Sandra has been helping me a great deal during the summer, as you probably now, and there has been a fine result, as I will communicate below. Having Sandra helping me patiently at the end of the phone when I asked questions about the Michael Gee helped to enable me to buy it without having seen it and with full confidence. Made all the difference between a purchase from a distance and having to wait until Adrian or Selina were back from hols. Well done indeed and thanks again for your help, Sandra. Well, the Michael Gee arrived right on schedule a week, or so ago. My eagerness was tempered by a decent measure of apprehension as I hadn't even seen it when I made the commitment. I had never even played a Michael Gee before or, indeed, any hand-made guitar so this was a real leap of faith for me. All I knew was that I was getting bit tired of the rather one-dimensional sound of the Cashimira 140. After two-plus years of playing it one, two, or three times a day, I felt I wanted to move on.

I know Adrian and Selina often talk of Michael Gee guitars and I knew I wanted one for my next instrument, but had made the decision to wait until next year as a new one was beyond my budget for the time being, with other commitments to be taken care of.

Then, all of a sudden, the used Michael Gee came onto the web site. Despite holidaying on the Isle of Wight soon after seeing it advertised I managed to contact Sandra and asked her to try it for me, to describe the state of the instrument in excruciating detail, to answer endless questions and only then did I decide that if I didn't commit myself then and there I would probably lose out on a full year of playing a fine guitar. It seemed meant to be. So I took the plunge.

Once it arrived, I couldn't play it the first evening. The conditions had to be just right and I 'wanted to be alone' before I even looked at it. Nerves were working overtime. Would it be all that I wanted it to be? Could I, in fact, be disappointed after all the build up and anticipation? It wasn't a new instrument, after all.

I woke up early the next morning to get acquainted.

When I opened the case, the beautiful appearance of the instrument spoke volumes straight away - the honeyed appearance (not a modern Gee colouring I guess) suggested such sweetness of character. At least it looked wonderful, but what would it sound like? Would I be able to tell the difference?

I could .. immediately I touched it, and what a difference! From the start I was so taken with the depth and breadth of the sound. It has so much more complexity in sound than I'm used to. Every string, every note has a voice of its own and just sings out with maturity and authority but it also has a pure and sweet sound which can be so different each time I play it. There seem to be no weak points over the range and it all sounds just right and well balanced.

This is a guitar with character and I know I will enjoy exploring what I can do with it. Since I received it - I know it's only a week, now, but it's been played sometimes four or five times a day. What a shame it's not been played for a couple of years. I can't keep myself away from it for long. Every spare moment I find myself sneaking off to play through a piece or two, so it's being put through its paces from the start!

Looking back now, I'm so pleased I took the chance and went with Sandra's advice. Here's to many years of guitar-playing enjoyment from my Michael Gee. I know now I'm not going to be disappointed. Best wishes, Roger.