Ray Ormston. UK Savarez Nail Kit.

Hi Adrian,

Sandra said you may be interested in some feedback on the Savarez nail kit – here is my experience so far: You need a little patience when removing the backing from the silk and of course, you are applying it with your weaker hand (unless you are ambidextrous). That being said, the kit was not too tricky to apply and the glue cures very quickly. I bought the kit on Wednesday midday and had performed my first repair on my RH index finger early in the afternoon. I have played for about 5 hours in total since then and the nail feels no different to my natural ones. The repair is hardly detectable and with a little more abrasion, could be made to blend perfectly. I was quite content with the cosmetic appearance so settled for the original finish. Just before writing this, I noticed my m finger nail had also split, probably from DIY, which is not very conducive to nail care! I immediately performed the second repair, which was equally effective.

I am very glad I bought this kit. Although a relative beginner, (working towards Grade 2 Trinity Guildhall), I am very fussy about the sound I produce and I have no qualms about recommending this product in that context.

Regards Ray