Peter Nickson, UK Vicente Carrillo 1a - Spruce

Daer Adrian and Selina

I would have offered some feedback earlier except for time pressures of work and family. Firstly, thank you Adrian for the personal time and attention you gave in helping me to choose the Carillo. Thank you also Selina for your lovely playing which gave me an insight into the range of sound possible with such a wonderful instrument. As soon as I got home I began working on "Birds Flew Over the Spire" and exploring the range of sound colours possible with the guitar. I know that this will be a long and enjoyable journey! This led me to more of Gary Ryan's material including "Songs of Erin" and the beautiful Lough Caragh - which not only speaks to my Irish Ancestry, but on hearing it I could tell that it would be within my technical range - so thanks to you both for pointing me in this direction. Having begun to get to know the instrument a little now I would say that it has an excellent balance between bass and treble. The voicing is very clear and uncluttered. There are no tonal weaknesses and it plays true in all positions and for all strings (certainly not true of all guitars!) Its natural tonal character is very pleasing on the ear but as you both quite rightly said that is not the end of the story for this guitar! I am beginning to see how the spruce will allow room for bringing out tonal variation and character with improved technique and knowledge of the instrument. It has great resonance and surprises people with the volume of sound it is capable of generating. It's also beautifully made. In short I'm really happy with it - so thank you!

Kind Regards