Nick Pattas. Manama. Bahrain. Cashimira 4a.

Dear Adrian,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me in Bahrain.

I promised I would let you know how I feel about the Cashimira 4a after I had played it for a while. She has now been with me since 20th November and has settled nicely.

First I want to say how efficiently and pleasantly you have served me and in particular for the objective buying advice you offered in response to my questions.

The Cashimira is just as you described; she is a real good looker, beautifully finished and she exudes quality! A classy lady. The sound is well balanced across the strings with very rich and full bases and clear trebles which match the bases perfectly so that no one part of the register dominates unless you choose that it should.

Sustain is phenomenal and the result is easy vibrato and trills that can be maintained as long as you can keep up the left hand plucking speed - the downside is care must be taken to damp strings when you no longer want to hear them. She is very bright and the sound projection is very impressive - I'm sure she would be suitable for use as a concert guitar and would do justice to a professional performer.

As you suggested using such a guitar has helped me to improve considerably in a short space of time - I have become much more precise in left hand fingering because any mistakes or uncertain positioning inside the frets is hard to conceal and the reward for a perfectly fingered note is so evident. The volume available enables a much wider range from piano to fortissimo and the tone palette is almost unlimited. I feel sure that as time goes by the tone will only get better and since it is very sweet already it means the instrument is truly superb - I am sure you could pay two or three times more and still not find a better sound. The Hiscox case you supplied is her home when not in use and is also a high quality item that will give me peace of mind when travelling.

Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial.

Best Regards,

Nick Pattas.