Nic Garwood. England. Bernabe Especial Spruce.

Dear Adrain,

Just a quick note to thank you for spending all that time time with me yesterday and explaining all the things that no one has ever explained so well before! Playing my Oscar Teller Model 5, 1965, last night (yes, the fog did clear and my hands started working again!), back to back with the new Bernabe, all I can say is wow! This guitar is all I've dreamt of for years and it will inspire me to improve and engage with the music in a much more rewarding way. Over and above that, I've found a source for all my future musical requirements (hardware and advice!) and working in the world of customer service as I do, you and Selina should be proud of the fantastic level of service you provide your customers.

Thank you again Adrian

Kind Regards

Nic Garwood