Mr L South. England. Cashimira 130 Cedar.

I must apologise for not confirming that I have received the replacement set of tuning keys you obtained for me, from Joan Cashimiri.

Thank you very much for this excellent service. I also promised to let you know how I have found the guitar. My first reaction of course was how lovely it looks and how good the finish is.

The attention to detail is very apparent. It has lovely tonal qualities across the whole range from a strong clear base to smooth clear trebles. I was soon aware that I had to be somewhat more accurate with finger placement on the D and A strings than I had been used to, in order to avoid some buzzing of the string on the fret. The tonal qualities of the guitar brought out by the D string also surprised me somewhat but it is a mellow sort of sound which I have grown to like even more as time goes by. It is a mellow sounding guitar which can be played soft or loud without losing any of its excellent tonal qualities and I would recommend it to any amateur player. Over the several months that I have been playing it, I have noticed that I am reluctant to put it down and want try something else before I finish. It can’t get much better than that.

Mr L South