Michael Livermore. England Vicente Carrillo 1a Cedar.

Dear Adrian,

A bit belated but we wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your help when we bought the Carillo the other week. We both felt as if we had attended a complete course on the playing and making and care of guitars! Not only was it invaluable but we really enjoyed the occasion and it is so nice to have such pleasant memories of buying our first really good guitar.

It would have been impossible to have been given so much help and time in a normal guitar shop situation...and the fact that you are so much more concerned with finding the right guitar for your customer even if it means not making a sale - that must be unheard of these days.

Also many thanks to Sandra for her excellent playing and patient disposition because more than anything it helped to really convince me that the Carillo was the one I wanted.

As for the guitar - I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. It has completely revitalised my playing. The sound is so beautiful you feel you must invest more effort to sort out the weak the points in a piece... so I am paying so much more attention to them and hopefully improving.

So...should we buy another guitar we will be back! It would be ridicuous to think of going elsewhere. Hopefully we will see you again on one of your guitar course later in the year.

Thanks again, Glenna and Michael Livermore.