Matty Lough. Scotland. Bernabe Especial.

Hi Adrian Many thanks for asking for my comments on the Bernabe Especial.

At the price point of this guitar there is a vast choice of superb handmade instruments both new and used available. Guitars from British, German, Italian, Spanish luthiers and more. I knew that the sound I wanted was that of a "Spanish" guitar. I already owned a Bernabe M10 - so I was looking for that type of sound. However, I decided I would try a range of instruments. Of course Stafford guitar made this task much easier, and my previous experience with the M10 made this part of the purchase very easy.

I tried several very fine instruments before the Especial, and it is likely that I would have a lifetime of great pleasure playing any one of them. However, within a few phrases of playing the Especial I knew that this was the one. The beautiful, rich honeyed tone and colour of one of the finest hand made Spanish guitars today. The range of tone, the vibrations of the back as the guitar responded to notes on strings 5 and 6, the whisper quiet , yet sweet and fully audible notes from strings 1 & 2. The guitar is stunning to look at, a look that is almost understated, yet friends who know nothing about guitars have commented at how beautiful it is.

Every day I look forward to playing, and the guitar has encouraged me to play more and try new pieces. I notice that my teacher asks to play pieces she has given me for homework "just to hear how they should sound"! I would suggest to anyone who likes the Spanish sound and is considering a purchase at or near this price bracket, you owe it to yourself to try this guitar. Finally, Stafford Guitar and Sandra made the experience of purchasing "especial" - so many thanks.

Kind regards Matty