Matthew Dennison. England. Bernabe M5 Spruce.

Hi Adrian and Selina,

When I bought my Bernabe guitar from you last September you asked me to let you have my thoughts on the guitar in due course. Well - here they are!

As I mentioned when we met, whilst I am new to the classical guitar, I have played guitar on and off for many years, in the course of which I have played many quality instruments: Gibson and Fender electrics, and acoustic guitars by Taylor, Martin and Lowden. Whilst these guitars are designed for very different types of music and musical performance, as musical instruments I have to say that my Bernabe knocks them all into a cocked hat!

As the guitar has gradually opened up over the last few months it has revealed to me musical possibilities that I never previously knew existed for the guitar. The depth, evenness and clarity of tone are, to me, staggering. The range of musical expression, the ability to achieve the most subtle of nuances, is completely new to me. And to think this is the 'entry level' Bernabe!

I should also say that the service and advice I received from you when I came to buy my guitar were absolutely second to none. The time you took to ensure that I took home the right guitar, despite my utter incompetence in all matters classical guitar, was highly reassuring and very impressive - thank you! It goes without saying that if - or when - I buy my next guitar, it will be from Stafford Guitars.

Saving up for a Bernabe Especial is now one of my principal aims in life!

Best wishes, Matthew Dennison