Martin Morley, UK Vicente Carrillo 1a Estudio - Spruce

Dear Adrian,

A massive thank you for your advice over the phone several months ago, my Carrillo is precisely what I wanted. Buying a guitar online worried me slightly and made me a little cautious but after studying your website for a year and then phoning you for your advice, I needn’t of worried at all! I thought I wanted an Alhambra 9p spruce but after talking to you about the sound I wanted you recommended the Carrillo and I must say that you got it “spot on”.

My old guitar was about 30 years old and sounded dull, boring and lifeless, what I wanted was a brighter, livelier sound that was musically involving and that’s what the Carrillo gives me and much more! The sound makes me want to play, it’s so wonderful it makes me smile and want to play more. You can hear individual notes clearly and when chords are played, you can hear all the individual notes easily, it has an openness, like you say, a voice, the sustain is amazing, it’s almost like a reverb! The packaging was amazing and I allowed her 4Hrs to come up to room temperature and when I opened the case what an amazing smell of rosewood! I’m glad I also took your advice about humidity and purchased the Humidipak and meter from you, this will ensure that she is looked after properly and keeps smelling great!

Many warm regards and happy playing,

Martin Morley