Mark Stanley. Australia. Martin Fleeson Preowned Guitar.

Hi Adrian, Selina and Sandra,

Well guess what? The Fleeson finally arrived and it was everything and more than I expected - it was just simply fantastic. I felt like a small child again today waiting patiently at the window waiting for the delivery man to arrive at any time and knock on the door hand over the great guitar I had been waiting for.

I must congratulate you guys and in particular Sandra for all your help. While you and Selina were away Adrian, Sandra fielded all my questions about my prospective purchase and made enquiries for me regarding postage to me in Australia that most other people would have simply said "Do it yourself". I really admire the way you guys have conducted your business - it has been most helpful and above all professional. The description of the guitar such as how it sounds, looks and feels is entirely accurate. When your spending a hell of a lot of money on an instrument that you cannot hear or see, you really must place confidence in what is being told to you - guys never let me down.

Well done and thank you enormously for everything. I will have no hesitation in purchasing from you again and I will be certainly recommending you to my friends here in Australia.

Best Wishes

Mark Stanley