Lior Behar. Czech Republic. Tomatito Aguadulce 2a Blanca.

Dear Adrian, Sandra,

It has been three months since I have purchased, online, my Tomatito Aguadulce 2a Blanca. Having played the last time 25 years ago, having almost no idea what flamenco means, living in a place where testing a flamenco guiter in real before buying is not a very common option. Adding to that the mundane of small kids and a small enterprise. It does question the sanity of buying a top, expensive model, let alone online. Yet, this very big move for me, however intuitive, has so far proven itself remarkably. I have found a flamenco teacher, am practicing every day, escorted by a compás application on the phone. Fingers were never before as quick and precise as now - cannot explain that one. And, I may have found a flamenco dance group to play with, as a second guitar - within a year, they said. This not being my goal, but really just a better (frightening) way of learning. By now I have managed to compare my guitar with others. The sound is absolutely wonderful and sweet, touching the heart directly without anesthesia, clearly superb, not only to my biased ears. It arrived smoothly, well packed, thanks, Sandra! solid black case - nothing more to ask for. Her beauty and quality is surely a factor in making me wanting to play so much, so it's not only the sound. So this is to say a big warm thank you, for having made my intuition right.

All the best.

Lior Behar.