Julie Howorth. England. Contreras C4 Spruce.


I found the Stafford Guitar web site about 12 months ago and have 'studied' its every page since. I am a returning guitarist, who played to a reasonable standard through the ABRSM grades back in 1985. For many reasons I stopped playing but lately wondered if I could retrain that once reasonable musical ear !!

I found the website fascinating, and the help and advice from Adrian superb. I decided on the Contreras C4 as a student option, with the hope of it inviting me back to the hobby - it has certainly done that !! After only 6 weeks, its sound is developing as much as my skill returning. I wanted an instrument of clarity and beauty, but something not too expensive, incase my return was not all I hoped for.

Adrian, my one problem is that I find it difficult to leave this guitar alone !! It has given me the confidence to both relearn solo pieces and indeed for me to venture towards a 'new' repertoire of 'reputable' pieces. It looks and sounds beautiful, leaving me wondering how 'perfect' a concert range instrument could actually become !! Thank you so much for your help at Stafford guitar, you are real professionals, with a true consideration of individual needs, whatever the skill of the artist. I had every confidence in your advice, and was very happy to purchase without even viewing or trying the instrument.

I will be back, for certain, as I would never buy a guitar from any where else !!

All the best for 2008.

Julie Howorth