John Lloyd. Australia Alhambra 9P Spruce.

Thanks so much Adrian & Selina!

I really value the candid, careful expert advice provided by you both for my purchase of a quality Alhambra guitar. I have just placed my order with SagePay for the 9P Spruce top. Congrats on the website too-It is very easy to get key information and some pretty useful insights into each Alhambra guitar model but the reviews and your follow-up emails helped me navigate the “select-at-a- distance” challenges. With your comments on the three guitars you examined more closely, I’ll have to admit to a tiny hinge of regret that the 9p cedar top didn’t seem to match the character I was after.

While the sound character is by far the most important dimension, that rich reddish glow of the Canadian Red Cedar top provides an exquisite aesthetic beauty. I have worked (in the past) in sustainable native forest management and nature conservation fields, spent a year in Canada, and have travelled to Spain a couple of times so there was some good symmetry there for a Spanish-made guitar with a Canadian Red Cedar top. Never mind though- a minor matter in the scheme of being inspired by the magnificent 9P Spruce top and continuing my journey with this classical guitar. It is very exciting to have made this purchase.

Thanks again . Regards John