Jane Muir. England Vicente Carrillo 1a Spruce.

Dear Adrian,

I have now had my guitar for two weeks and should like to say how very pleased I am - she's a beautiful instrument and an absolute delight to play. Thank you so much for your recommendation and advice when I called. I found Stafford Guitars through an internet search when I decided to buy a new guitar. Although I'd been playing since a child and had been involved in guitar orchestras, ensembles and societies for years, I had more or less given up playing when I moved out of London a few years ago. But I'm no longer commuting and I decided to take up playing again and join a local guitar orchestra. It was time to buy a new guitar. But I'd never bought a guitar for myself before, and had no idea which one would be suitable - both for ensemble playing and for the type of music I most enjoy (from the Baroque, Renaissance and Romantic eras). Some research was required and your web-site was by far the best I found. After speaking with you I had full confidence in accepting your recommendation and buying the Carrillo sight unseen. You clearly understood exactly what I was looking for - and you've delivered!! I'm delighted with her and very grateful for your excellent service.

With all good wishes,

Jane Muir