Harold Campos USA Carrillo Estudio

Stafford Guitars was my choice when ordering a new Carrillo guitar while stateside, and I have to say, they exceeded all my expectations and I'm very happy with my experience of this transaction. I was not familiar with the process of importing guitars, there was a permit involved and I had no idea where to go and how to do it, but Sandra was excellent at providing exactly the information I needed and how to fill the forms.

It took 2 weeks to attain the relatively inexpensive CITES permit for the Rosewood back and sides (flora and fauna) from the USDA / Fish&Wildlife and in the meantime they provided beautiful photos of my guitar on request (as they had their photographer schedules for that day by coincidence) and the communication was excellent and consistent to all my concerns.

I was in the market for a quality instrument as a student, and received peace of mind knowing my instrument would never be confiscated due to customs issues, with the right preparation. There is a lot of confusion out there about this, but we fearlessly moved forward and took the right precautions, and it was quite easy.

Once the instrument was shipped, it took 3 working days for it to arrive, I was paying attention to the tracking information and it FLEW through customs.

Overall, I'm very happy and the guitar itself is amazing with the best quality one could expect. For my particular model, a Vicente Carrillo 'India Estudio' everything from the wood selection, construction, materials, features, the fretboard and wires, is perfect and lovely, a true piece of dedication, love, mastery and tradition.

The guitar sounds amazing, with great intonation, and tones, the finish is a very thin satin poly but I like it because there is no drag on my hands and right arm. This being only my second acoustic guitar, how it compares to my first is, it is almost eager for me to play it with its amazing responsiveness, tone and it being cedar, a powerful dark and sweet attack with amazing bass response and clarity.

If I buy another Vicente Carrillo or any other guitar, it wouldn't be from anywhere else.
Kind Regards,