Des Sines. England. Bernabe M5 Spruce.

Hi there-

many apologies for the delay in writing to you about the bernabe m5 I purchased a while ago - just to let you know I am very happy with my purchase - the m5 is the first all solid woods guitar I have bought and now with this there is no going back! - she delivers a real quality (and clarity) of tone that makes playing even the simplest pieces a very satisfying experience - she is great for baroque - esp' bach - and even renaissance - as well as spanish repertoire - she is very easy on both hands - and I needent have worried about any bass heaviness or dominance as she is all so well balanced - all in all a beautiful quality instrument - and the hiscox case is not just a beautiful luxury - it is so well protective - an essential buy - as in the past I have severely damaged 2 guitars through not keeping them in a good case - so this bernabe is in safe hands this time! - thanks also for your brilliant service -I shan't be going anywhere else for anything guitar wise - you guys are the best! - thanks again.

yours sincerely

Des Sines.