David Green, UK Antonio Sanchez 1030 - Cedar

Hello Sandra,

A few minutes rain at Chelsea was all, but cloudy and chilly. The gardens and plants in the marquee all fantastic. Never look that way at home in our garden.

Package arrived at 12.00 and contents safe and sound. Your packing shows much practice and skill.

Ogled the contents of the case, tuned the strings, after finger excercises and a few scales have stopped in awe of the sound. The lightest touch produces a room filling sound across all the strings, and it's not a small room. Not a knowledgeable or competent enough player to use all the usual musical superlatives. For me this is a step up to an instrument of superb materials and build quality with a strong Spanish voice.

Wow!!! "Selina's description of musical quality and playability and Adrian's remarks on the materials and build quality of the instruments provide a reliable basis on which to select a suitable instrument "unseen", whatever the players ability. Again, my thanks and best wishes to you and of course, Selina and Adrian.

ps. Will be back for strings and accessories as and when, but, this marvellous instrument is going to allow me to play and hopefully, give full expression to the my playing and the music, for some considerable time. Sandra, please accept my thanks for handling the order and arranging delivery.

Kindest regards. David