David Evans - Middlesbrough - Billesley Guitar Course 2019

Another fantastic weekend spent in the company of a great gathering of people from various parts of the country (and, in the case of one individual, from outside the UK) all sharing the same zest for classical guitar playing as well as gaining the valuable insight and knowledge that Selina and Adrian bring to the course.
For anyone reading this and who has not made up their mind whether or not to go on the course here is a brief outline of the October 25-27 2019 weekend: Overall it was a fine balance of activities. After briefly meeting up with the other participants – some familiar faces together with new acquaintances - Friday evening kicked off with the music quiz which proved to be great fun and, for some of us, adrenaline-pumping.
The greater part of the course centred around each individual’s performance of a piece of their own choosing. Not only is it a unique opportunity to perform before other guitarists but there’s little doubt that we all came away with a great deal of (clearly considered) help and instruction relating to our respective performances.
Further opportunity to perform came on Saturday evening when everyone got the chance to play a piece or two in the concert. The evening was rounded off by a stunning performance from Selina.
Following further performance classes on Sunday morning we resumed the ensemble performance which we had begun the previous day.
All in all, it was a highly enjoyable and musically stimulating weekend spent at a beautiful location (Billesley Manor Hotel), the accommodation, service and food all top notch.
Just like Hayes, I too am saving up my pennies for next April’s course and hopefully meet up with some of the wonderful folk I met in October.
October 2019