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Hi Adrian,

My principle has always been to give constructive criticism where due, but also to praise where due. I don't hesitate to complain if I think that I have been shabbily treated.

Praise is DEFINITELY due in this case. It's just a shame that I can't thank you in person. Maybe one day. The advice and help that you have given me has enabled me to make much more informed decisions about what to buy. That is priceless. Also you seem to put the customer's satisfaction above your own profit (e.g giving the two people who cancelled their deposits back), which is sadly a rare attribute in today's businesses. And you tell me what's going on, including the bad news, without leaving anything out. Another rarity nowadays. Also I was impressed by the way that the website gives really useful information and help to players, rather than just advertising products for sale like all the others do.

I emailed Ergoplay re the oiled finish and they replied saying that they have no solutions to the problem, so I'll use the cushion(s). I can't bring myself to spoil such a beauty.

I'll be taking her to my lesson tomorrow, so we'll see what Dave my teacher says. He is a friend of Liam Romanillos, so it's rather difficult to sway him!

Have a good weekend. Regards to Selina.