Colin Adams. England. Contreras N2 Spruce.


You probably don't remember me. My name is Colin, and I purchased a Contreras from you earlier this year. You said at the time to keep in touch and let you know how I was getting on with it. Just to remind you i have to teach myself, so progress is sometimes slow. That said, however, I just thought I'd let you know that your advice was brilliant. I've recommended you to everyone I know, and the guitar itself is so beautiful, that I'm doing very well with it. It really is true what you said about the 'vocal range' of the instrument. I hear sounds from it that i could never hear from my old Admira, which I have to say plays like a piece of agricultural machinery now I'm used to the Contreras. This point was proven when a colleague of mine at work recently asked if I could show him my Admira because he wanted to learn classical guitar and was thinking of buying one. I took the Admira into my place of work and during a break tried to show him what it sounded like by playing some reasonably common pieces by Sor. This was the very point when everything you said hit home to me.

The Admira irritated me so much! I could not at first make out why, but slowly I began to realise that it simply couldn't make the sounds I knew even my technique should make, and it couldn't respond how I knew it should respond. In the months since I first purchased the Contreras I must admit there were times when I wondered if it really had been sensible to spend thousands on a guitar, even though I loved it so much. At that very moment, there at work, trying to drag sounds out of a guitar that simply didn't 'have it', I knew that the money was well spent.

When I returned home I picked up the Contreras and began to play. Immediately the same lump formed in my throat that did that day at your place when I first began to play it. The Contrera really did choose me, and I would gladly pay that money again. The next day my colleague asked me about you, and asked how you tried to 'flog' me a guitar. I think, like most of us he doesn't like the hard sell, whatever it is in life he is purchasing. I told him the truth as I see it. I told him that you don't 'flog' guitars - you form relationships, between people, and the instruments that choose them.

You're the best.

Thank you. Colin.